Cabinet approves new Uganda Tourism Policy

Uganda Cabinet approves new Tourism Policy A national tourism policy that aims to enhance competitiveness of Uganda's tourism sector through effective marketing, promotion, research and infrastructure development has been approved by cabinet. Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi, the minister for information and national guidance, said that the existing policy formulated in 2003 had run its course, [...]


Low Tour prices give Uganda an advantage over its neighbours

The Safari costs are fundamental in making Uganda a more competitive tourism destination as compared to the other East African Countries like Kenya and Tanzania for low end or modest travellers. According to Tour Operators and Travel agents operating in several countries of the great lakes region, a tourist gets better value for money in [...]


UTB discounts tours to boost domestic tourism

In its commitment to promote domestic tourism with a bang this year, the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Safari Guides Association has started providing highly discounted domestic adventures around the country. According to UTB Head of Marketing Mr Edwin Muzahura, this was prompted by an overwhelming public [...]


East African countries waive visa fees for touring Foreign Residents

Tourism visa fees have been waived for foreign residents by Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda in order to allow easy access to the region’s various tourism attractions. The East Africa Tourist Visa (EATV) has been costing $100 and was valid for 90 days but effective December 15, 2014, foreign residents will no longer pay this fee. [...]


UK online survey puts Uganda ahead of Spain as a tourism destination

Uganda has been chosen a better safari destination than spain in an international online survey conducted by The Guardian. The leading newspapers in UK conducted a poll with a question, “where would you prefer to go on holiday?”, and 79% of the respondents said they would rather visit Uganda than head to Spain. The website, [...]