Chyulu Hills National Park

Located in the south East of Kenya, lies 230km from Nairobi, in Makueni District. It’s a mountain range composed of volcanoes and hills that have existed for a long time and were formed due to an eruption. The volcanoes are still considered as active though they last erupted in 1856. The park was gazette in 1983. The hills don’t have any water bodies, apart from rainfall. The hills divide Tsavo and Amboseli plains and shares its waters from River Tsavo and Galana especially when it rains. The park has one of the biggest cave and is a home for wildlife, reptiles, among others.

Below the foothills of the hills, is a homeland for Masai and Kamba group of people.

How to Access

The park can be accessed by road transport, from Nairobi, and its 230km in the south east. If one is from Mombasa, its 250km. However tourists are advised to use 4×4 vehicle while going to the park.

When to go

The park’s weather is not any different from that of Kenya. It experiences a dry (June-October) and wet season (November-May). The dry season has been identified as the best time to visit the Park. Below is an elaboration of both season for your better planning.

The dry season.

The season is characterized of mostly sunny. It barely rains. This period is a perfect time for viewing wildlife in the park. Animals can be seen at water bodies during the scorching sun struggling to have a drink.

The season is also good for caving, trekking, volcano climbing among others for its dry throughout the park.  

The Wet Season

The season is composed of long and short rains and heavy rains towards the end of the season.

The season registers the best scenery of the park. The vegetation is green throughout, there is no haze so clear views are achieved.

The period is perfect for bird watching. Migratory birds of different species visit the park during this season and best views are seen with binoculars.

During this period, wildlife still can be seen though not with a lot of ease as the case with dry season.

Heavy rains disorganize tourist activities and therefore, need to be avoided. Roads can be impassable and it’s advised to use 4×4 vehicle during wet season.

It should be noted that within the park there no lodges, its only campsites available for accommodation.

Things to do

For one to have a memorable time in this fascinating place, there activities that need to be given attention. These activities are the leading contributors to a wonderful time in the park. Once you join the group for the following activities, you will not regret your time.

Watching the game

Viewing wildlife in the park is part of the best moments in the park. The likes of elands, buffalos, waterbucks, reedbucks, elephants, zebras, bush pigs, wild dogs, warthogs, among others will be in your view. Although they aren’t so many but all that is available will be seen. Sometimes wildlife can come from Tsavo National park and it’s for the benefit of the tourist.

Bird watching

This is also an exciting activity for bird lovers. The most beautiful and unique species of birds have a home in the park. Visitors with the help of binoculars enjoy views of these birds. They are however many during the early period of the wet season while migratory birds join the group.


This is one of the most expected activity while on the tour. The park gives room for tourists to have a good time with this for with in the park there no hotels or lodges. Only campsites. You can come with your camping equipment and have an amazing time in the wilderness. A campfire can also be added in the evening, tourists enjoy nice views of sun setting and rising.

Mountain climbing

The park is a mountain range. It has over 100km of a volcanic field. The place is worth exploring. You will see the volcanic cones, rocks, caves, and other formations during eruption. Enjoy mountain climbing too once you visit and exhaust your time. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time, you will still enjoy.

Nature walks

The park is a perfect place for adventure and what is adventure without walk safaris? Guided tourists get an opportunity of exploring the park on foot, and also places close. They get an opportunity to meet local people in their villages and also study their culture and way of lives. It visit Masai and Kamba who are closet to the park.

Horse ridding

This is one of the most enjoyed activity. It gives tourists a raised ground, to be able to see the whole area, volcanoes, hills, and the green vegetation from above. It’s also a wonderful experience since such moments are rare. Residential areas and the leading providers of this activity.


The park is one of the few visited parks in the country. The features it possesses and its location are a definition of wilderness that and adventurous tourist could be looking for. The wonderful physical thing at the park have been the reason why the park has been open throughout the year. The most beautiful things to see are as below.


The park has a number of wildlife species including primates. These are viewed throughout the year but better views are during the dry season when animals are around water holes, visitors get an up-close look of these animals. The likes of reedbucks, waterbucks, leopards, elands, buffalos, giraffes, elephants, bush pigs, wild dog, baboons, skyes monkeys, among others.


There’re very many species of birds that have a home in the park. This gives room for bird watching activities and it reveals most of the world’s unique birds. Migratory birds are also common in the park especially in the wet season. The likes of pogonocichia Stellata, coronatus, Francolinus shelleyi, and Stephanoeatus coronatus, among others will be seen.


These were created during the process of eruption. The park has one of the biggest caves in the world. It’s 11.5m long. These caves were the tubes through which lava flowed. After eruption, they became caves. An exploration of these caves will be rewarding for you.

Volcano Cones

These can into existence years ago, erupted and still considered active. These features are breathtaking and worth a visit. They are one of the features that have led to the popularity of the park. You will have an opportunity of climbing them. The highest peak is 2188m. This will give you a great experience.


The park has one of the unique reptiles in the area. Tourists on one of their guided nature walks will come across these reptiles. The likes of black mamba, lizards, geko, rock python, tortoise, puff adder, among other species, will be at your view so visitors need to take care during their movements.


There no hotels or hotels in the park but campsites only. Hotels and Lodges can be found a few meters from the Park. There’s accommodation for everyone in all categories. For a luxurious and midrange accommodation one needs to sleep outside the park.


These located in the park. Visitors in the park enjoy a peaceful moment in the park and the sounds of wild animals will be amazing. This is perfect for budget accommodation. Tourists enjoy all activities in the park. They have tents with good canvas, spacious and warm enough during evening and morning hours.

Chyulu II

Kiboko campsite

Park headquarters


Ol Donyo Lodge

Located in the Chyulu hills, close to Amboseli.This is the most popular luxurious accommodation. It offers tailored service to visitors, they have the best views for the area. They have horse riding, mountain biking, bush tracking sessions with Masai guide, and other activities.

Kami Ya Kanzi

Located close to Kuku conservation area. Is a five star accommodation. It fully furnished spacious rooms with king size beds, with Jacuzzi and private houses that can accommodate over ten people. It has swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and offers all activities in the park

Salt Lick Lodge

Situated in the middle of Taita Sanctuary, a privately owned land. It was constructed on a raised ground to give wonderful views of the place. It’s a luxurious lodge offering wonderful accommodation activities and facilities.


Voyager Ziwani Safari Camp

Located West of Tsavo National park. Visitors enjoy wonderful views of Mountain Kilimanjaro. Offers accommodation of over 25tents, with private service. Offers all activities to tourists.

Tsavo West Ngulia safari Lodge

Located in the West of Tsavo National Park. It has over 52 standard rooms with private bathrooms. It offers all tourism activities, has a bar, restaurant, and visitors can enjoy wildlife and birds without struggling.

For a wonderful trip its better one to arrange a safari that can accommodate all places or sites that are close to Chyulu hills, which are Tsavo West National park and Amboseli National park and bookings need to be made early.