Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve

The park was established in 1968 to protect marine life. It covers over 10sqkm. Together with the reserve for the same cause, that covers over 200sqkm. A total area of 210sqkm for protecting marine life and nature around it. The park is located in Mombasa district in the coastal province along Mombasa town.

It is one of the few places that conserve creatures in the sea. The park has hot and humid climate. As you prepare to tour the park rest assured to have a wonderful time seeing marine life and enjoyment of activities in water.

How to access the Park

The Park can be accessed by both road and air transport.

With road transport, you can use self-drive, a bus, or taxi. The park lies with Mombasa City, in the South East of Nairobi City, almost 485km.

As for air transport, you will take a flight from Jomo Kenyatta international airport to Mombasa, and it will take you only 45minutes to reach to the park.

What to go with

Considering the weather conditions in the park, most of the times it’s sunny and a few cases of rain. You should equip yourself with short and long sleeved clothes, long and short pants, a hat, sunglasses, a camera, binoculars, swim suits, foot wear especially sandals, snorkeling equipment, diving equipment, bottled water, snacks, tour guide book, and a light raincoat, among others. Some items can be hired at the park such as snorkeling and diving equipment.

Things to do

There so many interesting activities that can done by tourists to fully exhaust their time in the park. The most enjoyable and unique activities in the park are as follows. Some might be first time activities but no need to worry, guides will help you through.

Scuba diving

This is the most enjoyed activity and the best activity that can give you clear views of marine life. Basically it can be done by experts but first timers can try to enjoy the activity. Tourists will enjoy warm waters on the dive and not forgetting clear views of all that lies in the see. Different shapes of fish, color, sea turtles of different colors, coral reefs, dolphins among others.


This is another excite activity. You will need to hire snorkeling equipment in case you didn’t carry yours. During this activity you will be able to see creatures more clearly and the reefs. You will be able to touch them. This will be a good experience and satisfying activity.


This is the commonest activity and almost every visitor can enjoy it. The waters in the park are cool and clean due to the hot temperatures. You will have an amazing time in the park.

Marine Life viewing

There is so much to see in the water. You will be able to see dolphins of different species, sea turtles, of different species and colors, sharks, fish of different species, octopuses, among others. These will be seen on one of boat rides for the waters are so clear, during diving or snorkeling. These creatures will amaze you


This is normally enjoyed at the beach. If you can’t dive or swim you will have a wonderful time sun bathing. This is so relaxing after a long walk safari, as you enjoy the breeze.

Boat rides

The will give a great feel of the place. These are normally arranged after morning hours or in the evening according to the company in charge of the tour. On these rides visitors will see marine life since the waters are clear, birds on sea shores will be seen, and also clear views of the sea.

Bird watching        

Since the park is a haven for birds, this activity is worth. The resident birds in the park are joined by the migratory birds and thus tourist will have a number of bird species to see. Most of these migratory birds are from Europe and views of most unique bird species will be seen.

Tour Coral Reefs gardens

The gardens add to the beauty of the place. Tour these in the morning and have clear views of the unique species of sea life food. Along the shores you will also have views of sea birds having a snack from the sea.


The winds on the sea favor this activity that is enjoyed by the experienced. The equipment for this activity will be hired at an affordable fee. This activity is however limited, it can be done without winds.

When to go

The park has a hot and dry weather, and a few occurrences of rain. The good news is that the park is enjoyable throughout the year. Most of the activities are done in under the sun and during day, with a few chances of rain disturbances.

The weather favors most of the activities for the temperatures are moderate for activities like diving and snorkeling. Whenever you feel ready, make that booking and visit the park.


The all-time wonderful park has got several things to see in and around the park. There’s so much that you will need to see not in the park alone but in the city at large once you have the time. Below are the best things to see in and close to the park that will need your attention.

Marine life

The highlight of the park and a must see. The sea has unique breath taking creatures that have attracted a lot of tourists too also have a glimpse. It has Larger marine life such as, sea turtles, hunting sharks, logger heads, hawksbill, leather backs, and ridley, Fish species: such as jerry fish, lion fish, butterfly fish, star fish, zebra fish, angle fish, stone fish, jade green parrot fish, among others, Dolphins, Such as: humpbucks and spinners, Sea stars, marine algae, sea cucumbers, and octopuses, among others.

Protecting these creatures is the main aim of the park and activities like fishing aren’t allowed in the protected areas. These creatures will be seen by tourists during swimming, diving snorkeling, and even on boat rides. Look out to see more of these creatures in the park.

Sea birds

The park is a home for sea birds and other migratory birds. Birds are lovers of water and the sea possesses part of their food. Along the shores of the lake you will be able to see these unique coastal birds. Guides will leads you to their nests and have amazing views with the help of binoculars. The likes of Crab plovers, roseate terns, kingfishers, eagles, among others will be visible.

Scuba Diving

The amazing activity is mostly done by the experienced although first learners can have an opportunity to learn and have a wonderful time. Those that can’t participate enjoy sights of the experts. The waters are warm so divers enjoy this activity with no fears of weather. Down they enjoy sights of coral reefs, fish species, sea turtles and other creatures.


This is another highlight of the park. As long as you are a good swimmer, you can enjoy the activity. The equipment can be hired from the park. Participators in the activity await seeing all the fish species in the park, all sea turtle species, coral reefs, and the large marine life. A moment at the coast needs to be utilized fully.

Coral reefs

The park possesses the most unique species of coral reefs. These lie along the shores of the lake, and deeper in the sea. These are food and shelter to the marine life. They are worth a visit. You will see how fish and other creatures feed in water, and the different beautiful reefs such as: Acropora, porites, Turbinaria, and brain, among others, will be amazing at you sight.


The park lies along the coast and close to it lies amazing white sand beaches with white water though in sight they are blue that are perfect relaxing grounds. It will not be a complete trip to Mombasa Marine Park if you miss out on spending quality time at the beach. There’s so much you can do at the beach. From sunbathing, surfing, among others.


There’s no accommodation with in the park but in Mombasa close to the park lies a number of accommodation options. The place has hotels, apartments, hotels, and lodges. Most of them have resorts for visitors to spend quality time relaxing while enjoying water activities. Luxury accommodation such as: Serena Beach Resort and Spa, Glory Holiday Resort, Mombasa Beach Hotel, Nyali Parkside Resort

Sunrise Resort Apartment and Spa, moderate include: Moffat Court Hotel, Reef Hotel Mombasa, and Rick seaside Villas, among others.

In conclusion, for one to exhaust their time in Mombasa, it’s better to also spend time and check out other places within Mombasa but close to the park. It will mean more money, and time but if planned well, places like Fort Jesus, Bombolulu workshop, Nguuni Nature Sanctuary, Mamba village, are worth visiting and would add fun and adventure to your trip.