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Reason why we at Kori Safaris think you should take some time off the school schedule and enjoy an exclusive Student Safari/Tour.

At Kori Safaris, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that all our guides and staff have tripped profoundly into the heart of the countries Uganda and Rwanda. Our coordinators, consultants and guides instill all our programs with the whole lot from security and faultless logistics to verbal communication for all Nationalities. The trips we organize are to guarantee that you the Students voyage the kinds of trips that we have created to perfection and suit the notion of you the students in an idiosyncratic and inimitable technique achievable.  We work with middle and high schools, as well as with universities, to create educational adventures where the world is the classroom.

We believe that for any Students Tour we organize, we ought to deliver to both the students and teacher as well hence offer an educational adventure which will definitely be a combination of unforgettable experiences with teachable moments of not only learning, but also Funny because what is a definition STUDENT SAFRAFI without FUN to it!  The biggest remuneration is these educational travel experiences are that students learn something new about themselves and the world around them.

With our tunes of experience in traveling and trip organization for not only students but also large groups of students, we trust that we can make anything happen to our best ability. However, we can work with teachers to handcraft the itinerary and activities to flattering remark what is going on in the classroom. For all our clients, from the moment you make an inquiry, we become you personal Consultant for everything concerning the Safari to the last detail. Since we believe students are just Students and for every 8 students, a teacher joins free!

The Student Safaris that we have created can integrate pre and post-trip curriculum with in the country for example on-site discussions and coursework that make learning fun and bring students and teachers together through games. Let US take care of the details of the Safari, while you the teachers and the students focus on learning, living, and experiencing the learning of side the classroom!!!