Lake Manyara National Park

Located in Tanzania, is 126km in the South west of Arusha and part of the Manyara region. The park can be easily accessed by car, lies close to Tarangire National Park. The Flora and Fauna in the park has attracted so many visitors not forgetting the birds, Lake Manyara, and the tourism activities. The park covers 330sqkm and has huge numbers of lions, leopards, elephants and flamingos. If you’re looking out for an adventurous tour, this is it.

Things to do

There are so many things to do at the park but below are the most exciting ones you shouldn’t miss.

Bird Watching

The peak of the wet season (March – May) is the best time for viewing birds. The park has over 400species of birds that can be traced by the visitors and Flamingoes are the most common. Others are grey crowned crane, crowned plover, others are best viewed with help of binoculars.

Game drives

What’s a tour without a visit to animal’s chilling places? Game drives are quite enjoyable during the day, but the beauty of this park, night drives are also enjoyed accompanied with guides. The view of elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, among others are really fun.

Adventure beyond the lake

The park has Lake Manyara that attracts most of the birds and birds. The Alkaline Lake is also a good chilling ground for visitors who enjoy swimming canoeing, boat cruising, and viewing the beautiful scenery.

Masai Bombas

Near the park are the Masai people commonly known as the Bombas, who live in huts made of mud, dung, urine and sticks. Get to know about the Masai and their culture and enjoy the warm reception of cultural entertainment.

When to visit

The beautiful Lake Manyara National Park is generally enjoyed throughout the year, although some months are better than other months depending on the weather. The country has two seasons and with an elaboration of both, you will be able to know when to visit.

Dry Season (June -October)

This is notably the best period to visit the park.

The period id characterized of good weather, the sun is always moderate and there’s no rain. This condition is good for both animals and the visitors to have a wonderful time at the park.

Wildlife is easily spotted during this period. The grasslands being a low, give the best view of animals not compared to the wet where animals can be covered in bushes.

Still to note during this period there are lesser chances of visitors getting infected with Malaria. The existence of mosquitoes in the area is close to none. Thus visitors can be comfortable not to get malaria.

During this season however, the morning hours and evening are cold and visitors are advised to carry warm clothing.

Wet Season (November-May)

The period is characterized of short rains and a few storms during the peak of the season. Still the park registers visitors although not as many as those registered I the dry season.

The wet season is the best time for bird viewing. From March through May, visitors enjoy views of some of the rarest birds on earth. Bird watchers find this period as the best.

The short rains aren’t a hindrance to the view of wildlife. Even in the rain animals can be tracked. Elephants, eland, antelopes, giraffes, lions among others will be at your view.

Since it’s a low season, prices are normally low to attract more visitors.

During this season, the park has a wonderful scenery of green all over. Supported by the rain, grasslands are tall and green, trees, green and view is amazing. The lakes are full.

Just like in the dry season, visitors should carry warm clothing for the cold in the morning and the evening. The peak of the wet season normally can have a few storms that might disorganize your tour.

We recommend a visits in the dry season for its less risky compared to the wet season.


The diverse attractions in the park have continues to attract so many tourists are as below.


The wildlife at the park is the biggest attractor f tourists. The cat family lions, leopards, elands, warthogs, wild dogs, giraffes, antelopes, elephants, rhinos, hippos, that roam the park are worth a view. Tourists can take pictures of them as they graze.


Bird watchers are attracted to the park for the diversity of birds. Over 400 species have a home at the park with flamingoes having the highest number. As you take a safari walk in the forest, at the shores of the lake, these are grounds where you can meet the rare crown, Ruppel’s Griffon, Peregrin Fulcon, spoonbills, among others.


The grasslands, plants, the woodlands, wetlands, in the rift valley will be good grounds for relaxations and recollection. Most especially in the wet season, and tress give a good atmosphere for vacation.

Lake Manyara treetop walkaway

Located above in the trees, gives you a clear sight of the world from above. It runs for 370m and by the time you’re done you will have seen every corner of the forest in the park. You will get to see the birds up in the trees and animals in tress and on the ground. The view is good for pictures.

Mto Wa Mbu Market.

It’s a good culture to hold reminders of some good moments especially when you travel. Mto Wa Mbu a village close by as a market that sells African souvenirs and at a cheap price. These have art pieces of African culture, bracelets, house decorations, and scarfs among others that will give good memories of your tour.

Lake Manyara

Found in the part is a big asset to the park. Animals enjoy these waters especially in the dry season. At this lake visitors enjoy the wind by the shores, swim, take a boat cruise and enjoy the other side of the water and also wildlife in the water. Lake Manyara is and also safari walks at the shores where they meet the flamingoes. The lake also hosts animals like Hippopotamus, elephants among others.

Maji Moto Springs

The name is translated as ‘hot springs’ in Swahili language. It has warm clear waters, surrounded with tall palm trees and fig trees. These spring have such a cool environment that attracts tourist for a safari walk and also have a picnic or lunch at the place.


The park has good accommodation in form of camps, lodges or hotels. These are at different standards that at least every visitor can afford, though rates vary according to the services provided. To get good service, an early booking is required

  1. Migunga tented camp

Located 2.6km from Lake Manyara, offers good accommodation for the guests. It provided English breakfast, it has beautiful gardens that guests can enjoy, and is only 13km from the hippo pool. It has a wonderful view of the pool, and Lake Manyara.

  • Manyara wildlife Safari camp

Located in the rift valley Escarpment, it boosts in the wonderful views of Lake Manyara. It provides good accommodation, local meals, and Indian and Italian cuisines. It’s close to the airport, has bicycles that visitors could hire at cheap cost.

  • Lake Manyara wildlife Safari Lodge

Lies close to Lake Manyara, will give you the best experience in Tanzania. It provides activities like game drives, boat cruising, canoeing, mountain biking, bird walks among others and facilities like baby setting, restaurant, boutique, among others.

  • Nsya Lodge

Located in the acacia forest with the gardens a few kilometers from Lake Manyara National Park. It offer activities like mountain biking, game drives, boat cruises, canoeing and facilities like restaurant, free Wi-Fi, shopping centers, private bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Burunika Manyara Lodge

Located in Mto Wa Mbu, offers visitors with good accommodation, offers activities like canoeing, boat cruising, game drives, mountain climbing and offers facilities like restaurants, boutique, free Wi-Fi among others.

  • Lake Manyara Serena Safari

A luxurious setting located in Karutu, occupies a large area that even on busy days you can’t see the crowd. It offers activities like game drives, bush dinner, boat cruises, and has facilities like swimming pools, and poolside bar, tented conference hall, and visitors enjoy the wonderful views of the lake, forest and wildlife.

  • Flamingo Safari Lodge

Located in Karutu, offers visitors good accommodation, along with game drives, guided walk safaris, boat cruises, canoeing, mountain biking,  bird watching, and facilities like a swimming pool, the green environment, a garden, spacious rooms, private bathrooms and restaurant that provide delicious meals.

  • Africa Safari Lake Manyara

Located between Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro crater has a wonderful view of the crater and he river, not forgetting wildlife. It offers services, like mountain biking, game drives, walk safaris, boat cruising, canoeing, and facilities like sports ground, boutique, restaurants, among others.

In conclusion, touring is so exciting that it shouldn’t be enjoyed alone. As you plan to tour this amazing park, invite a friend or come as family and double your fun.