Saadani National Park

This wonderful park is located between Tanga and Dar es Salaam. From Dar es Salaam it will take you four hours and from Tanga, it only 3 hours to the park. The park was established in 1969, and gazette in 2002. The park covers 1062skms and has been protected for it has flora and fauna on the main land and marine life. It’s bordered by the Indian Ocean. The park has unique vegetation that is composed of mangrove forests, which lie around River Wami and the Indian Ocean, clumps, of palm trees, clumps of palm trees, short and tall savannah grass, black cotton plains, coral reefs that lie in the Indian Ocean and other marine life. This Park is the only one that has an access to the coast-Indian Ocean. In this park you will be sun bathing and then be interrupted by an elephant taking a stroll or other animals taking a drink from a close waterhole. There various activities you will get to enjoy once you visit on a safari.

How to access the Park

The easiest way to access this park is by air transport. Either From Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam and it will take you at least four hours to reach the park.

What to Carry

While on a safari in this park, you will be required to carry these items: a guide book, a very nice camera, with spare charged batteries, a mosquito net, a note book, a hat, a pair of binoculars, gloves, a sun screen, warm clothing, light shirts and pants, short and long, hiking shoes or boots, drinking water, a light rain jacket, insect repellent, sun glasses, a first aid box, among others. Normally at places of residence there some of these items that can be hired at an affordable fee in case you forgot to park some of the items you might need.

Things to do

Boat rides

The park has Rami River on which you can have boat rides. These will give you an opportunity of exploring the whole area, in the comfort of a boat as you sip your drink. You will not only explore to the ends of the river but also you will see wildlife and birds that visit the river. Boat rides can be enjoyed on the ocean.

Game drives

You will embark on a journey to view wildlife in the park in the comfort of your car. You will be able to see these creatures as you take pictures and videos. Most of what you will see includes: Cape buffalo, African-bush elephants, sable antelope, wildebeest, warthog, waterbucks, Masai giraffes, black backed jackal, greater kudu, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, Dik-Diks, hippos, among others. These game drives are organized mainly in the morning and in the afternoon.

Bird watching

Since this park is a home to most of the unique species, you will get to enjoy this activity to the fullest. The peak of this activity is in the wet season when migratory birds visit the park. Endeavor to have binoculars with you to have amazing views of these creatures. Guides will lead you to bird’s favorite places and you will enjoy what you will see especially in Zaraninge Forest. Await to see the likes of mangrove kingfisher, lesser-flamingo, lilac-breasted rollers, woolly necked stork, and fish eagles, among others.

Guided Nature walks

These are amazing journeys in the park that will reward you with the unique vegetation that the park possesses. You will be able to unique plants trees in the forest, where still on this activity, you will have wonderful views of wildlife, sights of primates in the area, which is the different monkey and mongoose species and also birds. Along these walks you will need a guide for safety

Sun Bathing

Close to the park lies the ocean that has clear waters, enticing at sight. Among what you will do, include this activity. As your sun bathing, don’t be alarmed if you sight an animal or more. It’s fun to be on the beach with another creature. You will be amazed at it views and also have a wonderful time worshiping the sun.

Visit Saadani Fishing Village

The village lies with in the park. This now fishing village used to be a buzzing trading center in the 19th Century. You have a reflection of what it used to be after seeing the ruins. There people of good hospitality majorly serving on fishing as a commercial activity. You will be humbled or amazed at their way of life. You will also have a cultural experience during this visit. You will have an opportunity of going out fishing with local fishermen, and also rejoice for a catch and experience.

When to visit the park

This park can be visited all the time in the year but the best time to visit is in January and February, and from June to August when there’s still abundant water in the plains. Wildlife will be seen in the park during this time. The period from April to May should be avoided for it’s the peak of the rainy season. However, difference seasons come with positives and negatives.

Dry Season (June to September)

During this season, rains are rare and the sun dominates most of the days. The grasslands in the park are short and trees aren’t so thick. The period from June to August registers a lot of animals that can be seen along the game drives.

The trails in the park are passable during this season, also water activities are enjoyed too since the sun is out.

Mosquitoes are rare since there’s hardly any rain, and thus visitors are at a low risk of getting malaria.

However, during this season when the plains dry up, animals move out of the park.

It should be noted however that, weather can change any time. So visitors are advised to be equipped with rain coats.

Wet Season (October to May)

The season is composed of short, long and sometimes heavy rains. The best scenery in this park is during this time. It’s all green, flowers can also be sighted.

The season registers the peak season of bird watching when migratory birds visit the park.

This is the low season of the park, prices for tickets and accommodation are discounted.

From March, it’s very wet and some roads and trails can be hard to penetrate.



This park is a home for wildlife and these you will get to enjoy either on a guided walk safari, game drive, or having a wonderful time on water. The likes of red forest duiker, reedbuck, Cape buffalo, African bush elephants, sable antelope, wildebeest, warthog, waterbucks, Masai giraffes, black backed jackal, greater kudu, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, Dik-Diks, hippos, eland, lion, spotted hyena, leopard, crocodile, gents, porcupines, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, mongooses, colobus monkeys, yellow baboon, green turtle, among other marine lives. Wildlife in this beautiful park can be seen with ease. More of these will be enjoys along a boat ride or along the shores of River Rami.


The flying creatures can’t be missed in this park. The park has home birds and also migratory birds from other continents. These will be see in trees during your walk safari or along the shores of the lake or by the sea. You will be amazed by the views of the likes of mangrove kingfisher, lesser flamingo, lilac-breasted rollers, woolly necked stork, fish eagles, palm-nut vultures, ground hornbills and the common sand pipers, among others. Look out for them as you enjoy any of the activities in the park.

The Ocean

Places near water are great for adventures and vacation. A safari to this park that lies close to the Indian Ocean, will be a ticket for you to enjoy the waters of this sea. You will visit some of the white sand beaches that lie close to the park and enjoy most of the common activities on water. The waters are clear and welcoming and you will be pleased for any minute you spend on this sea, take a swim or snorkel to see turtles, fish and carol reefs.


The park has lodges and campsites for accommodation. Your comfort and safety is guaranteed while on your safari, and it’s affordable.


Saadani Safari lodge

This is the only option available for this category. It lies on the beachside, it has elegant raised chalets. It has 24 hour power, modern bathrooms with hot and cold showers and stylish furnishings.


Saadani River Lodge

It’s a cool place to enjoy your vacation. It lies close to River Wami. It provides accommodation in form of spacious stilted huts that lie amidst the trees and bushes as you enjoy wonderful views.


Kisampa Bush Lodge- This lies south of the park

There’s also accommodation is available in form of tents. The resting ground lies close to the north gate of the park.

In conclusion, you may combine your safari with a visit to Kaole Ruins that lie close to the park.