Selous Game Reserve

Selous is the largest game reserve in Africa, it’s located in a very remote area and it’s surrounded by serene beauty created by the surrounding Rufiji River and the enormous forests which are a home to many animals like hippos, elephants, the Nile crocodiles and different species of birds mostly seen during the wet season. The reserve has a lot that visitors can do and what, when and where they can stay once they safari to Selous.

What to do when you visit Selous game reserve

There are enjoyable tourist attractions and many things that you can do once you visit the different tourist attraction sites in Selous Game Reserve and some of these are listed below.

Go Bird watching during the wet season

You can enjoy the variety of birds found in the area. These are majorly viewed during the wet season along the Rufigi River and these include the African spoonbill, brown headed parrot, palm nut vulture and other species. So to all bird lovers come and see over 400 bird species in the area as you relax by the banks of the Rufigi River.

Game drive through the park

The park being the largest in the country, it has different animals wandering through like the hippos, Nile crocodiles, elephants, zebras and elephants. These can be seen occasionally as you drive through the park but you can also enjoy the great migration heading to Serengeti as animals walk through the park in search of food.

Take a boat cruise on River Rufiji

A ride on Rufigi River provides you with an opportunity to see hippos and crocodiles lounging on the banks of the River while others take a dip to cool off most especially during the dry season. Birding can also be done along the river as different birds converge during the wet season. 

Walk through the park

A safari walk through the reserve gives you the utmost beautiful feeling of experiencing nature at its best. A trek through the area leaves you with a wonderful sight of the different animals around the area and you get an up-close feel of the animals. It might be a tiring trek through the park but it’s worth it at the end of the day.

Visit the volcanic springs and River channels

A visit to the hot springs is another great experience that one should not miss, and from the springs you can also visit the Rufiji and Rhuha Rivers which attract herds of elephants and crocodiles for water.

When’s the best time for one to visit Selous

The dry season is the best time to visit the park that is June to October. During the dry season the vegetation is thinner and animals have to gather around the same place in search food and water. Rufiji River normally gets crowded because of the very many animals that gather around it in order to cool down.

The wet season is very good for mostly bird watchers. The rains start in October to May and this leads to more greenery which attracts animals to the different feeding areas making it hard to view the animals but during this period all the different species of birds can be seen.

Accommodation in Selous game reserve

There are different types of accommodation located in Selous but you should note that most of the accommodation is located in the Northern part of the Reserve. You have a chance to camp around the reserve using any of the listed accommodation facilities.

Amara Selous

It has 12 luxurious and lavish rooms with inside bathrooms and a private wooden deck. Amara Selous is strategically located in that it’s the best place to stay if you really want to have a clear view of the birds and animals traversing through the Reserve. Its currently has a children’s safari package, so children can easily go with you and still enjoy the safari and not forgetting the good that is served in the camp both inside the dining area and the bush surrounding the lodge and the flora around the camp adds to the serene beauty to the place.

Selous Impala Camp

The camp has 8 tents with wooden decks overlooking the forest and the tents all have toilet and bathroom facilities inside. One can also enjoy boat cruise offered by the camp and view the animals like elephants and large crocodiles, there is also a pool where you can rest from when it becomes too hot. The tents are made in Meru style and fitted with gauze to prevent mosquitos from entering into the tents.

Beho Beho Selous

Located along the slopes of Namikwera, you can enjoy walks through the park to the lake while viewing the animals. The lodge is located in a strategic palace where the animals pass during the great migration and this rewards the visitors with a great view of the animals. The buffet served is a must taste and the cool environment around is conducive to all the visitors who stay here.

Sand Rivers Selous

Located in the southern part of the Park, it has spacious well decorated rooms and offers a good view of the large Nile Crocodiles. Overlooking the Rifiji River, it’s filled with different bird species that one can view from the confines of their rooms and animals walking around like hippos and crocodiles in the river. There are 5 large rooms with a private balcony, en suite bathroom and the food can be served in the dining area though you can still pack it for a picnic during the game drive through.

Siwandu Safari Camp

The camp offers tented suites on a raised wooden platform and they offer easy viewing of the animals. Each tent has an en suite bathroom and 6 feet bed double beds with spacious dressing areas. There are two dining areas and one can dine from wherever they want, the food offered ranges from vegetables to fresh fruits and other local dishes. The place is not enclosed and one gets a chance to see animals wander around.

Selous Kinga Lodge

The lodge is privately located on the great banks of Rufiji and has 20 beds which are well furnished with African crafted furniture.The beautiful natural beauty surrounding the lodge and the hospitality of both the staff and the locals in the area and not forgetting the delicious fresh food served makes the Kinga the best place for accommodation.

Selous Great water Lodge

It has 2 tents, 2 family rooms which are grass thatched and elevated on platforms and these rooms can accommodate 5 people due to their spacious nature. You can enjoy the wonderful dinner served either in the rooms or outside and enjoy the food while star gazing. The food though caters for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and it’s one of the lodges that are not too crowded. You can also unwind in front of the fire place after a good meal.

Mivumbo River lodge

The lodge has 12 luxurious rooms which have a private platform, safari bar, and a plunge pool and are built with majorly timber. The cool and calm surrounding the lodge creates an escape for the tourists to a wonderful world of the wild and first class experience to the nature surrounding the area. Its located near the Rufiji River also adds serene to the place as you can also enjoy the locally made food in the moonlight along the banks of the River.

Jizimba lodge

Jizimba lodge has large tents that are located near the river bank and it provides the visitors with much near experience with nature and it also has 15 spacious comfortable rooms and each room is uniquely designed differently from others. It offers tree tops to visitors who prefer more privacy from other guests.

Sable Mountain Lodge

Housed on 2 two hills, the Sable lodge have 5 tented rooms with 2 honeymoon suites and 6 cottages made of stone. Its location offers guests a great view of the park since it’s on an elevated area and the rooms have en suite bathrooms, showers, and you can also relax in the pub before a delicious meal is served after a day driving in the wild. The best time to book a room at the sables is during the dry season.

Selous Mbuyu safari Camp

Located along the banks of Rufiji River and surrounded by a thick forest, the camp has 16 spacious tented rooms which are strategically constructed to offer maximum privacy to the guests. The camp provides snacks all throughout the game drives and a dinner made by a chef is served in the dining area. The rooms have beds which can easily be turned into double beds at ones convenience and they also are well furnished and well ventilated.

You should also note that most of the lodges are closed during the months of March, April and May since these are the low seasons where most of the animals cannot be viewed due to the heavy rains.