Tarangire National Park

Located in Southwest of Arusha, it is 120km from Arusha, Northern Part of Tanzania. It is one of the most visited Parks in Tanzania. It’s the fifth largest park, covering 2850sqkm. Commonly referred to as a ‘mini’ Serengeti Park. Its famous for its vegetation and all time water supply, swamps acacia woodland and baobab trees that attract a number of wildlife and birds. It’s easy to access and with good accommodation.

Things to do at the Park   

The availability of a wide area favors lots of activities to be enjoyed at the park although some of the activities are subject to the providers of accommodation. They are as follows:

Walking Safaris

These are organized during the day and also in the evening but within the Park. Lodging outside the park favors night walking safaris outside the park. On these walks tourists are most times with guides.

Game Watching

This is enjoyed by all tourists and since the place is wide, it accommodates them. They get a glimpse of all kinds if animals in the park. The abundant wildlife especially in the dry season as advised make this so enjoyable. The ‘big five’ buffalos, rhino, elephants, lions, hyenas among others are availale.

Bird Watching

Another common activity at your disposal is also here. The park has lots of birds that have a home. Watching them fly, gathering food, to feed their babies is lovely. Different species in size and color is so amazing. Tourists with binoculars enjoy this the more.

Adventurous fly camping

This is provided by the places of accommodation. Camps with in the park offer tourists a provision of seeing wildlife from above. Exploring the area under your feet is such a memorable moment.

Night Drives

Lodges out of the park provide this to the tourist. A safari in the night when some of the animals are resting is quite rewarding.

Since not all activities are provided, it’s is better to inquire from the providers what activities you will engage in.

When to go

The park is always open to visitors but its attractions and mostly wildlife well known for being a seasonal. We have elaborated the different seasons of the county and advised on which season is best.

The best time to enjoy its diversity of attraction is in the dry season. The period from June through October is ideal.

During this period, there is massive wildlife that gathers around Tarangire River, and visitors can watch them. The weather during this time is very friendly. It doesn’t get too hot.

The season has less rains, making the season very conducive for visitors who normally crowd the place. It’s also important to note that visitors should be well equipped with warm clothing for in the morning get so cold.

In the same season the park is less invested with mosquitoes and tsetse flies that could endanger the visitors.

The wet season is composed of heavy long rains in May, and short rains in November through December especially in the afternoons thus bad for visitors, and to the animals, who normally vacate the park to the Rift Valley grazing lands of Masai Steppe.

Wet seasons are also characterized of good vegetation, supported by the rains and since there’s a low inflow of visitors, the prices are low compared to the dry season. What would be at visitors disposal will be the migratory birds.

So, to enjoy the fullest of wildlife, the dry season is the most recommended.


Diversity of wildlife

The Park is famous for the variety of animal species it has. Elephants being the most common, 3000 in number and other animals. Lions, leopards, hyenas, wild beasts, buffalos, giraffes, Thompson’s gazelle, oryx, generuk, and also the rare to find pythons. The huge, the tall, and other kinds of animals can be see. Tourists get to take pictures of them during their tour. All these animals and more are available in the dry season.

Good Atmosphere

The weather condition of in the park attracts tourists too. When the animals are on land, the weather is always favorable for them and the animals. Tourists wall freely in the sun and relax in the evening with no distractions of rain. Coldness is always faced a few hours in the morning, but it’s also no0t alarming.

Great Value

In Tarangire Park, tourists get value for their money. It’s one thing to pay for a tour, it’s another thing not to enjoy your tour. This park provides tourists with the best service, for them to adventure and enjoy nature in a comfortable way and affordable way. If you compare prices with other parks, this gives more value for money.

Tarangire River

The Park has had a year in year out if constant water supply, and this river plays a huge role. This water supply attracts many migrant animals and it’s on this river where visitors have an amazing sight of animals as they take water in the dry season. The view is so nice for the eyes. Most tourists come specifically for this.

Also tourists enjoy a tour around this river. The view of it and the tranquility around the area is amazing.

Birding Destination

Having mentioned the species of birds in the park, this place has attracted bad watchers. In track of every bird that passes by. Get to see all the species before you go. Among these is the Masai Ostrich.

Accomodation at Tarangire National

Comfort is every tourist’s need. The Park has got a variety of accommodation options. Both within and outside the Park. However much we advise accommodation with for easy accessibility, although accommodation outside is also good. Below are the best lodging areas in and outside the Park.

  1. Oliver’s Camp

This satisfies the need for a tourist seeking adventure. It’s found in the center of the park, close to minyonyo pools, with well-furnished tents. It gives you a feeling of being at home with its furniture

  • Kichuguu

It’s a tented camp with in the park. It’s well known for being intimate and cozy. It has all sizes of tents, twin, king size tents, family tents, with power system, and luxurious service, with the view of Serengeti Eco system.

  • Tarangire Treestops

It is made of baobab trees, raised above the ground. It provide a good experience. Sleeping in trees. They were constructed in such a good and unique design that you will want to spend a night. Looking at the trees from the balcony is so nice. You will also enjoy walk safaris, swimming, night drives, among others.

  • Maramboi

This is more expensive compared to the rest although is gives value for money. It’s outside the Park. It a hotel arrangement in its kind of operation and provides a bigger option. It is located near the shores of L. Manyara

  • Tarangire Sopa

Located in the middle of baobab trees with wide windows to give tourists a good view. It has marble floors, water fountains and falls worth a sight. It accommodates many people so no chance of being lonely.

  • Tarangire Simba Lodge

Located near Sangaiwe gate outside the park. It has spacious tents that are self-contained. With showers, toilets, dressing rooms among others and electricity or solar energy. The Lodge also provides free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, and meals to the visitors.

  •  Chem Chem Safari Lodge

The Lodge is located between Lake Manyara and Tarangire River. It offers private suites and also main communal house that offers full service to the visitors.

  • Balloon Tarangire Camp

It’s located at the boundary hill with luxurious beds, good service and with the view of Tarangire Park. It also has a good view of the sunset, restaurant, pool.

  • Tarangire Safari Lodge

It has a view of Tarangire River surrounded by baobab trees give tourists a pleasant view of wildlife

Tarangire River Camp

It has stylish tents, with cottages. It has tents for family fitting four beds, and also twin tents for twin beds.

Roika Tarangire Rented Lodge

Situated outside the park region, 5 km from the main gate. It provides, nature walks, swimming pool, conference halls, internet café, with luxurious tents, decorated, with showers or bathtubs within. It also provides visitors with coffee making machines.

Lemala Tarangire

It is located close to River Trangire and the Silale swamp. It provide visitors with great service and has ringside seat for visitors to see wildlife all the time. It has good lighting, wide beds, warm beddings, very comfortable sofas where you enjoy your meals, with the view of wildlife the settles in the swamp and around the river.

Osupuko Lodges

The name means virgin land or natural paradise according to the Masai Language and those that have been there are in consent. The place is full of peace and tranquility. It is situated in the park, thus giving easy access of wildlife.

For the best adventure at Tarangire Park, check out what every lodge has to offer and choose according to your taste.