Gorillas have increased in number-more than half in world have a home in Uganda

Even though humans now and again destroy habitats of these endangered animals, the conservation efforts have not been in vain after the release of results from 2018 census by Uganda’s Minister of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities. The census was carried out in DRC, in Sarambwe Reserve and Uganda’s Bwindi National Park and the numbers of the unique creatures has risen 459, since 2011.

In addition to the results from 2015/2016 census in Virunga Park, the number is now 1063 in the world and fortunate enough, Uganda bares the largest number. This has been possible with a number of efforts, which include engaging local communities to conserve creatures and nature for tourism. Communities too have also been rewarded for their efforts for example a part of the revenue goes back to them, and they have also been able to see their products to tourists.

This doesn’t rule out the fact that poachers do exist and the team that carried out the census testified that they found snares used by poachers to trap animals. Eighty eight of them were found. The creatures are always in danger.

The director of International Gorilla Conservation Program coalition -Anna Behm Masozera, expressed her gratitude and said that the future for mountain Gorillas is now brighter having been described as not critically endangered but endangered. She continued to stress that the creatures need to be protected from danger and their habitats should be managed well.