Nairobi National Park

The park lies in the Southern part of the Country’s capital city. It was the first park to be established in the country covering at least 117sqkm. The park is a stop area for visitors in Nairobi. It is small compared to other parks in the country, but it has an original landscape of Kenya, composed of high altitude, savannah with acacia trees, and vegetation along the banks of River Embakasi, plains, steep gorges, and forests. The park was allocated to protect wildlife in the area, birds, and vegetation after a long period of hunting.

How to Access the Park

The park can be accessed by both road and air transport.

Road transport, From Nairobi city center, its only 7km to the park via Langata road, you can use public or private means.

Air transport, you can use Jomo Kenyatta International airport or Wilson airports.

Things to do

There a number of activities that tourists can engage in to have a feel of the place and to see what the place holds. The best you can do and see in the park are as follows.

Game drives

There a number of wildlife species that can be enjoyed. Be part of game drives that are arranged and see wildlife in the park. These animals are best viewed in the dry season when they concentrate on Embakasi River. Clear views of these creatures will be achieved. These animals can also be seen roaming the park of found in a group enjoying the sun.

Bird Watching

The park has so many species of flying creatures that can be seen. The activity is best enjoyed in the dry season when the migratory birds are present. You will have clear views of the country’s birds and birds from other continents. Carry binoculars and enjoy this activity to the maximum. On your way to watch birds you will also catch sights of more wildlife in the place.

Visit Giraffe center

The center is a home for Rothschild giraffes. You will have an up close and personal moment with these long necked animals. They have a raised ground to enable visitors be on same level to the animals. You will be able to feed them. You can also go with your children and enjoy the moment. The center also educated children and adults how to protect and conserve wildlife.

Visit David Sheldrick Wildlife trust

This is where orphaned and sick animals get help. The non-profit organization is a rehabilitation center for animals especially elephants until they are mature enough to go back to the wild land. Just as it is with human beings, once animals are abandoned in their fragile state can also die. You will enjoy seeing these strong and healthy yet they were taken in when they were calves.

Tour Nairobi

You need time to tour the city as a whole. Since the park lies in the city, it’s a quick access to it and once an opportunity is gained, it’s better to use it fully. Take time and visit the National Museum where you will be exposed to Kenyan history, visit the markets in Nairobi. In crafts market you can buy yourself something unique but at a cheap price. Visit Bombas Kenya where art, music, dance, culture and entertainment meet. Visit Ngong Hills, Railway museum, ride in a matatu, visit restaurants and enjoy Kenyan meals, among other things that will be exciting.

When to visit

The park can be accessed throughout the year, although the dry season is more enjoyable than the wet season. A status of both seasons will enable you choose the best time for your trip.

Dry Season (June-September and December -February)

This is characterized of sunny weather, the park is dry, trails are also dry, the grass is short and wildlife is easily spotted at river banks.

However, sometimes it can get dusty in the park

Wet Season (October-November and March-May)

The season from October to November is characterized of short rains and later in March to May long and heavy rains are received.

Tourists can still view wildlife with ease in the period of short rains. Vegetation is always at its best, flowers can be seen, and plantations all green, the migratory birds are also present.

However, during the long rains, most of the activities are disorganized. Wildlife isn’t easily spotted amidst long grass.


The strategically located park has been frequently visited by a number of visitors from around the world young and old for the interesting features it possesses. Schools visit the park almost every week. There several attractions in and outside the park, but within Nairobi that will be worth. The best of the park and outside that you should add on your must-see list are as follows.


The park has vast species of wildlife that you will be able to see. These animals are enclosed in an electric fence just so they don’t attack people near the park. These animals can be watched once on a game drive, a guided walk safari. These are most spotted in the wet season around water sources. Up-close images of animals like water buck, eastern black rhinos, cheetahs, elephants, cape buffalos, Grant’s zebras, Coke’s Hartebeest, wildebeests, antelopes, elands, impalas, African leopard, lions, baboons, Masai Giraffes, and hippos, among others will be achieved. You will get an opportunity of taking pictures of these amazing creatures.


The park is a paradise for birds. Over 400 bird species can be seen in the park. The home birds are joined by the migratory birds in the wet season and it get just gets better. These can easily be watched with binoculars. As guides lead you to the bird’s favorite places, you will have a have a chance to see these unique species. The likes of ostriches, vultures, Kori Buzzards, helmeted guinea, Walberg’s honey birds, red collared widowbird, sunbirds, and crowned eagle among others, will be at your disposal.

A Wildlife Trust

Its located at the main entrance of the park, in 1977, Daphne Sheldrick was the founder of the project. David, her late husband was a warden at Tsavo East. The project was in memory of him. The project was created to protect and conserve wildlife. It basically caters for abandoned animals. One is right to call it an orphanage for wildlife. They have successfully raised over 150 elephants back to Tsavo East National Park when they mature. Visit this place and see these rehabilitated animals.

Giraffe Center

Located at the extreme end of the park, lies this non-profit center. At this place you come up-close and personal with the Rothschild’s giraffes. The graceful creatures are used to being fed by visitors. On a raised ground, you will have an opportunity of feeding them. The center also provides knowledge about wildlife conservation and protection, check it out.

Karura Forest

This wilderness lies in the city, you may actually think you aren’t when you check out its scenic views. There so many tree species, there waterfalls, and there clear penetrable trails that will lead you to various parts of the forest, as you enjoy views of monkeys, birds, you can go with your lunch and enjoy a picnic in this forest.  

The Karen Blexin Museum

The colonial house below Ngong Hills was a home for Karen Blexin and her husband, who owned a coffee farm in the area, after they divorce, Karen falls in love with an English man. The home is famous for the Oscar awarding movie ‘Out of Africa’ that has lines like: ‘I had a farm in Africa on the foot of Ngong Hills’, the house is now a tourist attraction with all it holds. You will enjoy the gardens close by, Ngong Hills, and the feeling of being in colonial times of 1917.

The Nairobi National Museum

Located in Nairobi can be accessed by tourists. The Museum has a collection of educational materials and knowledge about Kenya as a country its culture. It has fossils of birds, animals that were got from the sea, it has a geology galley, among other things. It will equip you with a lot of Kenyan knowledge. Tickets are bought at the main entrance. You can also buy a ticket to the snake park from here. It can be your next stop, to see Kenya’s reptiles.


There no hotels and lodges in the park, only campsite. Tourists shouldn’t worry for within Nairobi there many hotels, lodges, guest houses, apartments, rentals, among others and offering all luxury, midrange and budget accommodation.

Luxury Includes: Hemingways Nairobi, Sankara Nairobi, Nairobi Serena Hotel, and Villa Rosa Kimpisnki, among others.

Midrange Includes: Hotel Emerald, Ngong Hills Hotel, Ibis Styles Nairobi Westlands, Jacaranda Nairobi Hotel, and Town Lodge Upper Hill Nairobi, among others.

Budget accommodation includes: Nairobi Tented Camp located within the Park, Ash White Hotel, Safe Estate, and The Monarch Hotel, among others.

In conclusion, when you visit Nairobi, endeavor to exhaust your safari in the wilderness yet in the middle of the city and also the best places it has.