Mbale chosen to host World Tourism Week

The full week from 20th September to 27th September is annually recognized as World  Tourism Week. This time of the year, Mbale is popularly known for circumcision festival, “Imbalu” characterized by sounds of kadodi drums and cultural dance performances.

The Imbalu is a path to manhood and involves braving the stitch of the imbalu knife at the spot that hurts the most. When the foreskin of the candidates is cut off, they are obliged to dance the pain away as opposed to taking pain killers or seeking medical attention.

In admiration of their brevity and with love to share it with the whole world, the Uganda Tourism board has picked on Mbale Community to host of this year’s World tourism week at Mutoto grounds. September is a climax month of the Imbalu tradition in which circumcision goes on from sunrise to sunrise; tourists will witness the biggest circumcision festival of 2014.

‘’They will witness multitudes of candidates paint the streets of Mbale bright with their energetic performances, tourists will have their auditory senses sharpened–as drums get battered shapeless to cheer up candidates into dancing their way to manhood.’’ Said Muzahura Edwin, the Public Relations Officer of the Tourism Board.

Several activities will take place geared towards marketing Bigusi’s tourist attractions as a way of boosting domestic tourism in Uganda. These will include climbing mountain Elgon, the second tallest Mountain in the country, touring Sipi falls, hiking the Wanale hill to behold breathtaking views of Bugisu land, bull fights.

Safari companies, hoteliers, craft sellers, among many service providers in the hospitality industry will showcase their products and services, there will be more to see than can imagine.

The Uganda travel community is collectively preparing to mark the event in a number of creative ways, from the domestic tourism launch dinner that took place on Aug.29, King Oyo Empango celebrations on Sept. 7, the Mt. Rwenzori Royal mountain climbing challenge we enjoyed on Aug.8, tourism exhibition to be held at Booma Grounds, Fortportal from Sept. 24 to 27 among other activities. These localized events are presented in several districts and travel businesses nationwide to champion the power of travel prior to the eventful week.

On 27th September, international tourism day, the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities will reveal its master plan and showcase the 10 contestants of the Miss Tourism Pageant, from different regions, a pageant used to promote Uganda through beauty.