Mikumi National Park

The park is located near Murogoro in Tanzania, and was established in 1964 to protect wildlife and it covers over 3230skm and it’s the fourth largest park in country. The southern part is bordered by Selous Game Reserve and on other sides, it’s bordered by Udzungwa Mountains and Uluguru Mountains. The park’s landscape is more or less like that of Serengeti National Park. In the northeast, lies alluvia plain of the river basin Mkata. The vegetation in the park is composed of acacia trees, baobab trees, tamarinds, savanna grasslands and also unique palm. Rock formations can be found in the southeast. The park has wildlife, including primates, and various bird species. There artificial pools in the park and are favorite places for birds and water wildlife. The southern part of the park has a lot of wildlife compared to the rest of the parts.

How to access the park

Access to this park is by road transport and air transport.

Road transport-There’s a well-constructed road that connects Mikumi to Dar es Salaam via Murogoro and it will take you at least 4 hours to reach to the park.

Air transport– A charter flight can be arranged from Dar es Salaam to Arusha or Selous. Then reaching to the park you will use road transport.

What to carry

On a safari to this beautiful park, you will need to carry the following; an insect repellent, warm and light clothing for the cold nights and hot days respectively, hiking boots or shoes, a guide book, gloves, a pair of binoculars, a water proof backpack, a light rain jacket, a camera, a hat, drinking water, sunscreen, snacks, sun glasses, a notebook, a mosquito net,(endeavor to have spare charged batteries for your camera- you don’t want to miss a shot) among other things you may need.

Things to do in the park

Game drives

This is one of the highlights in this park. On these drives you will be exposed to almost all wildlife that has a home in the park. You will be able to see buffaloes, elephants, tree climbing lions, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, duku, water bucks, crocodiles, hippos, elands, wildebeests among others. Game drives are normally arranged in the morning and in the afternoon. Depending on your safari, you could enjoy as many drives as you can. Also to not, on this drive you will also be exploring the park an also enjoying other beautiful creatures like birds at the same time.  

Bird watching

If you’re a lover of this activity, you will have a blast in this park. The park has

bird’s that have a home and also migrants that visit in the early wet season. You

will be exposed to most of the unique birds in East Africa and also birds from the

European continent. Guides will be directing you to bird’s favorite places and you

will be rewarded with many of these beauties. The peak season of the activity is in

early wet season, that is in December and January.

Nature walk safaris

The park is a wonderful ground to enjoy this activity. These walks are normally arranged in the morning and in the evening depending on the schedule of your safari. But either way, a guided nature walk is enjoyable. This activity allows you to explore the corners of the park on foot. The existence of passable trails in the park also favors this activity. Each trail leads to the different park in the park. On your way, you will enjoy views of wildlife, birds and you will see and touch the park’s unique vegetation. The activity normally takes 1-3 hours depending on a trail used.


The park has perfect grounds for picnics. Once you get an opportunity of visiting this park, please arrange to have lunch on a picnic. It’s even perfect if you travelled as a family. You will be enjoying your meal as you view wildlife and birds. Your will enjoy an experience of being in the wilderness.


The park has camping grounds in case you would like to enjoy the activity. There public and private grounds. Public camping ground are found in Vuma Hills and also in Mkata plains named campsite 1, 3 and 5. You will be able to hear the sounds of these animals and this will freak you out, but it will be enjoyable. The campsites are well facilitated with clean bathrooms and toilets. There’s also a campsite in Vuma area, named campsite 4.

When to visit the park

The park can be enjoyed throughout the year, but some months are more enjoyable compared to others.

The park has two seasons that is the dry a wet season. It has been registered that the dry season is more enjoyable compared to the wet season.

Dry Season (June -October)

The period is characterized sunny weather, little or no rain throughout, short penetrable grass, and penetrable trails. This period is the best to view wildlife for it can easily be spotted. Nature walks are also easily made for the trails are passable. Since there no rains, there no mosquitoes that put a risk to the visitors of getting malaria.

The period is he peak and busy season in the park so in case you don’t book early, you might be disappointed. Also during this period, morning hours are very cold so bring enough warm clothing.

Wet Season (November to May)

The period is characterized of short and heavy rains. During the early season the period is perfect for bird watching for migratory birds visit the park. Wildlife can still be seen though not as easily as it is in the dry season. Since it’s a low season, tickets are always discounted and accommodation fees are low hence you could save something.

The period from March to April should be avoided for there long and heavy rains that might disorganize your safari. Also due to heavy, rains, tails and some roads are impassable and there many mosquitoes in the park.



The park is a home of wildlife, inclusive of primates. The park Such as: kudu, black antelopes, wildebeests, zebras, elephants, impala, buffaloes, eland, giraffe and if you are lucky you will be able to see the tree climbing lions in this park, among others. Wildlife in the park can be seen along a game drive, on a guided nature safari, especially in the dry season. The guide will drive to places where wildlife concentrates more and you will enjoy seeing and taking photos of them.


The park has been registered to have over 400 bird species. Among these there are home birds and also migrants from Europe. If enjoy seeing the flying creatures, move along with your binoculars. You will have clear views of the likes of: lilac breasted roller, bateleur eagle, yellow throated long claw, vultures, packers, sunbirds, Kingfishers, water birds among other birds. These concentrate in trees, in grazing grounds and on artificial pools in the park.

Scenic Views

The park has green vegetation, trees of different kinds on which animals feed on, it has wildlife that is amazing to see inclusive of the primates. The landscape is so good in the dry season that you can see wildlife and surroundings at a distance. You will also explore the mountainous landscape if you have the time.


Accommodation is available in categories as below. It will totally depend on you where you will stay. However we advise that if you wish to visit the park, early booking is necessary to avoid disappointments. But no matter where you stay, you will be well catered for.


Ndovu Lodges and Camps

The lodge offers luxury its visitors. They sports ground, spacious self-contained rooms with water heaters, their rooms each has a balcony with a great view of the surroundings. They have a restaurant and bar, with various local and international dishes. They also offer a camping ground. They has free WiFi, room service, constant power supply, among other facilities.


Mikumi Safari Lodge

The lodge is located close to the park. It offers standard accommodation to tourists. They have over 8 cottages for accommodation. Each cottage has a balcony, so visitors can enjoy exclusivity. The cottages are ensuit with spacious shower rooms having both cold and hot water. They have facilities like restaurant, free WiFi, They have constant solar power and a standby generator.


Mikumi Adventure Lodge

The lodge is located outside the park, just 2km from the southern gate. It offers accommodation for midrange and budget categories. They have single ensuite rooms, double ensuite rooms, and triple ensuite rooms, cottages and camping ground. They offer facilities like: free WiFi, room service, airport transfers, night fire place, among others.

In conclusion, a safari to this park will be enjoyable for will be in close views to wildlife. Besides, the park lies close to other tourism destinations like the Selous Game Reserve, and the Udzungwa and Uluguru Mountains which you can connect to your safari and have an amazing time.