3 Days Leisure Holiday on Ssese Islands

Ssese is a group of islands found in the western part of the large Lake Victoria, within Kalangala district. It has 84 tinny islands which vary in size from the less than 10,000 sq km to more 40 kilometers in length. Bugala is actually the largest island. The Sesse islands came to place about 12,000 years back when a tectonic change caused a raised basin found between the 2 arms of the East African Great Rift Valley to actually flood, hence resulting into the formation of Lake Victoria.

Safari Activities

Guided Walks
They can arrange for you Guided walks around the Islands to observe the farm of palm trees plus fishing villages. The guests may as well visit the stunning bats caves. When at Bugala Island, there are guided walks within the forests which enable the guests to see a number of monkey species.

Approximately 43 of these islands are populated by Bantu speaking – basesse tribe which is related to the Baganda plus Basoga people of Uganda. The major economic activity here is fishing of the large Nile Perch with most of this being exported overseas. The moorland are habitat to a diversity of primates and there is a ferry that connects the mainland at Bukakata to Bugala Island.

Boat trip
Boat trips may be organized as a connection to the other Islands hence offering guests an opportunity to appreciate the great beauty of other Islands and even watch the spectacular birds.

Day 1: Trip to Ssese Island
Day 2: Bike Riding, Birding, Fishing and Nature Walks on the Island
Day 3: Return to Kampala


Day 1: Trip to Ssese Island
After breakfast you will drive to Masaka where you will have lunch. Proceed to Bukakata Landing site on the shores of Lake Victoria and there your guide will brief you about this tour. You will Board the ferry to Luuku site on the side of Ssese islands, and then proceed to Lutoboka bay. Dinner and sleep at Palm Beach resort.

Day 2: Bike Riding, Birding, Nature Walks and Fishing, on the Island
Following breakfast you will go for a forest walk for the entire day exploring the island. Look forward to seeing several primates, birds and butterflies, plus other species. You will go for lunch at the lodge in the afternoon go unwind besides the lake shores, or construct sand castles or even ride bikes or go fish depending on your preference. Have dinner and spend the night at Palm Beach Resort.

Day 3: Return to Kampala
After your breakfast you will go to Luuku landing site where you will board a ferry to Bukakata landing site on the mainland Lake Victoria. From there you will return to Kampala.