A Hydro Power project close to Murchison Falls is back on the table.

The government of Uganda is into endorsing a feasibility study for the construction of a hydro power station close to our breathtaking Murchison Falls, a project that might flag off the falls. The project had been given a deaf ear and now that it’s surfacing again, we can’t help but worry about the future of our magnificent tourism site.

According to the State Minister for Tourism-Godfery Kiwanda, “the cabinet made a decision that a feasibility study should be made so as to base on the scientific study whether the proposal for the hydro power project on Murchison Falls should be given considered or not.” He also added that the study in question will ascertain whether the country gains more from electricity or tourism.

A proposal from Bonang power and Energy Pty (Ltd), a firm in South Africa to Uganda Electricity Regulatory Authority for a license to construct a hydro power dam in Uhuru Falls an intention that awakened tour operators, environmentalists, researchers and other groups to campaign and save Murchison Falls.

The minister of tourism had assured the public in August this year that the cabinet had agreed to call off the project in question for the benefit of tourism industry.

The government of Uganda focuses on the increased production of hydroelectricity power in the country, for the ever growing population in the country, forecasted to be forty two million people in 2020, by World Bank. The intentions will however reduce the number of tourists visiting the country and thus reduce the country’s revenue.