Mountain Longonot National Park

The park lies in the Northwest of Nairobi City, in the Great Rift Valley, close to Naivasha Town. The park is remarkable for the Longonot Mountain in the area, a crater lake, forest, lakes, wildlife and birds. It was established and conserved to protect the mountain physical features. The park is a wonderful place to tour in for all he remarkable things it possesses. The park covers 52sqkms and it has trails which are penetrable to enjoy hiking fully.

How to access the park

The park can be accessed by road transport, the park is 90km northwest of Nairobi City. From Nairobi you will use a tarmac road via Naivasha town and then you link up to the park through the old Naivasha-Nairobi route.

What to go with

The park is best enjoyed in the dry season. Tourists should come along with light clothing, sunscreen, light hiking boots or any alternative footwear that is not slippery, sunglasses, woolen socks, a hat, a camera, binoculars, drinking water, sweet snacks- to increase energy levels, hiking gear, among other things that you might need.

Things to do

The physical features in the park give room for a variety of activities to be enjoyed in the park. It will require you to be part of these activities for your trip to be worthwhile. The best activities to engage in on your trip are as follows.

Game Watching

The park is a home of various species of wildlife. Guided game drives are arranged for tourists to see these animals up-close. These animals have homes in the forest that lies close to the crater. Others can be traced in the park during day, grazing and many of them can be found near Lake Naivasha and other lakes in the park. Best views are got and tourists can even take pictures. Other places where one can see wildlife is during a guided walk safari or when biking.

Bird watching

The wonderful park also harbors birds that are amazing to watch with binoculars. These are joined by migratory birds and clear views of these unique creatures can be seen. They have favorite that are known to guides so tourists shouldn’t go alone. These birds enjoy the shores of Lake Naivasha and other lakes for environment is normally cool and something they get a snack.

Rock Climbing

Since the park lies in a mountainous area, there huge rocks that can be climbed by tourists. It seems to be simple but it needs effort. On top of the rocks you will enjoy amazing views of the place and the feeling of being in the sky is to die for.


This is best done on Mountain Longonot. The mountain is tourist friendly for it has trails to follow which makes the activity a little simpler especially for first timers. The activity needs a lot of effort for one to be able to reach the top. But at the top, you receive the most beautiful scenery of the place. And you will be able to reach the rim of the Crater Lake that is a must see of the park.

Mountain Biking

For tourists who wish to roam the area on a mountain bike, you aren’t left out. The park has trails for bikers. The activity is so lovely for as you enjoy your ride, you will see lakes, forests, wildlife birds, among others. However tourists are guided in the activity for it might be dangerous for one to tour alone.

Visit Lake Naivasha

The lake is appealing to visit. As you take a hike, it will be in front of you. Actually after a hike, your next stop should be this lake. You will enjoy a boat ride on this amazing fresh water lake and tour the whole area as you spot out animals enjoying a drink and birds too, not forgetting the breeze and clear views of the lake. Hippos and buffalos are the most common in the area.

When to go

The park is open from 6am and can be accessed all the time. However, the best time in the park is from January-April and September to December.

This time is ideal for it favors most of the activities in the park such as hiking, watching the game, walk safaris, and biking among others. Hiking is mostly enjoyed in the morning so that sunny weather doesn’t overpower hikers.


The park has many breathtaking features that will be at your disposal once you decide to have a safari in the park. Among the many features that lie in the park, the best attractions that you shouldn’t miss are as follows.


There a number of animal species in the park that will be seen by visitors. These normally have homes in the forest at night. During day you will be able to watch them on your game drive. Clear views of them will be seen along Lake Naivasha quenching their thirst. The likes of buffaloes, Thomson’s gazelle, plains zebra, giraffe, hartebeest, African leopards, baboons, elands, impalas, and lions among others will be at your disposal.


Over 427 species of birds have a home in the park. The park is also visited by migratory birds from other continents in the rainy season, and it can be massive for a bad watcher. These have favorite spots known to guides in the park. You will be able to see the likes of raptors, verreaux’s eagles, lammergeyers, and sunbirds, among others.

Lake Naivasha

The fresh water Rift Valley Lake lies close to Mount Longonot. After a long period of hiking at the mountain, this lake is a wonderful relaxing ground on a boat cruise as you watch wildlife in the place, such as hippos, and birds that enjoy the shores. The lake is so nice to explore for you will be able to see that it has no visible outlet, although its outlet is said to be underground. In the same area there’s Lake Oloiden and Lake Sonachi, which is a green crater lake which can also be visited.

Crater Lake

This lies on top of the dormant volcano. Tourists can have views of this lake after they take a hike on this volcano to the rim of the crater. This is achievable and worth every effort you can put in while hiking. You will also have an amazing view of the whole area.

Mount Longonot

The mountain lies in the Southeastern part of Naivasha Lake, in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. The mountain is a stratavolcano. Its name means ‘a mountain of many spurs’ in Masai Language. Its last eruption was in 1860 and currently it’s considered as a dormant volcano. The mountain’s highest peak is 2776m from the ground. This not so high compared to the known mountain Kenya, and Kilimanjaro, but is one of the easiest to climb. It has enjoyable hiking adventurous places. On top you will have wonderful views of the area and the amazing view of Lake Naivasha.


The park has crater a forest that are a home to the park’s wildlife. This forest lies at the floor of the crater has a variety of tree species. A tour through this natural forest will be rewarding for you will not only enjoy scenic views, but also sight wildlife and birds and some rare plantations.

Scenic landscape

Those that have toured the park are in agreement that it’s an adventurous place. It has a mountain with the best hiking trails, it has a Crater Lake, forest, wildlife, birds, and lakes not forgetting the Great Rift Valley region. A safari through all will expose you to the best of natural creations.

Hell’s Gate National Park.

This lies close to the park and since they are in the same vicinity, it’s better to also include it on your sites to visit. The park can be accessed on foot or you can choose to use a bicycle and see wildlife such as giraffes, buffalo, birds, enjoy rock climbing and the famous scenic rock formations and gorges formed from continuous soil erosion.


The park doesn’t have hotels and lodges but close to it in Naivasha lies uncountable places of accommodation for tourists. They have all categories that is: luxury, midrange and budget with the best facilities and activities for all categories.

Luxury Include: Kiboko Luxury Camp, Sawela Lodge, Lake Naivasha Country Club, Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp, and Enashipai Lodge, among others.

Midrange Include: Lake Naivasha Resort, Kyota, and Ole Ittiko Cottages, and so many more.

Budget Include: Burch’s Resort Naivasha, Tipple Eden Naivasha Hotel, and Olongonot Campsite which is located within the park, close to the crater. It has tents and private bathrooms.

In conclusion, a trip to this park will be a great experience, for the park has almost what is supposed to be enjoyed on a safari. All you have to do is to put it plan, make early booking with us, (the best tours and travel company) and prepare yourself to see the best.