Central Island National Park

The park is found in Kenya a country along the coast, in the middle of Lake Trukana, the largest permanent desert lake in the world. The park is famous for being the home and a breeding ground for Crocodiles, and other wildlife. It’s commonly known as a crocodile island. It has a large number of birds, flamingos topping the list. More to the list of attractions are the crater lakes and active volcanoes, not forgetting the Southern Island national Park and Sibiloi National park, which are close and protected by the same authority.

The amazing sights at the park has earned it to be ranked as a UNESCO world Heritage Site. The Island covers only 5sqkm but has constantly gained popularity over the years for what it has at its disposal. If you’re looking for adventure in Kenya, this is a place to be.

How to access the park

The park can be accessed by road transport, when you reach the capital city, its 800km to Lake Trukana and from the lake, you will use a boat from Sibiloi National Park to the Central Island.

With air transport, you will take a plane and land at one of the airstrips at Sibiloi National Park, then gain access to the Central Island.  

When to go

The park hot and dry seasons for it Semi-arid. It’s most enjoyable throughout but some months bring more excitement to tourists compared to others.

Crater lakes and volcanos can be watched all time of the year though sometimes it can be very hot to take a safari.

The Park is most enjoyed in June and July since the temperatures are cool to enjoy all places in the park.

April and May are the best months to view crocodiles when they are breeding.

As you come to visit, bring enough water that will sustain you through your trip, a hat, sunscreen, binoculars, sunglasses, among other things.

Things to do

The location of the park is a perfect site for exploring for its part of the unexplored areas in the country. Tourists will have a wonderful time in the park provided they engage in the activities done in the Park. The most enjoyable activities are as below.

Crocodile watching

The unique creatures are one of the reasons the island is popular. Crocodile breeding is one of the active programs at the Island. These reptiles have existed on planet earth for over 30 million years. Tourists are guided along the shores of the crocodile lake as they watch these strong reptiles. The best moments of these creatures are during the April and May when they are breeding. Baby crocodiles are lovely to watch when they are squeaking.

Bird watching

The park is a home for birds. Over 350 species of birds exist in the park, and over 84species of water birds, and over 34 species of migratory birds especially from Europe. A bird lover should be excited to catch sight of these beauties. These are best enjoyed during March and May.


The island is a good camping ground. The views of sunrise and sunset are wonderful. One is supposed to carry camping equipment to enjoy this. It can also be a place of accommodation that can be rewarding for most places are far from the park. This activity is enjoyable for one gets a feel of the places, the sounds of these animals are worth for a tour in the wilderness.

Boat rides

The fact that the island lies in the middle of lake, who wouldn’t want to explore the far places of the park. These rides are normally enjoyed when the temperatures are a bit high for winds can be a problem. On these rides visitors enjoy amazing views of the island and the lake, and sight of some of the wild animals close by.

Tourists can also engage in fishing on one of the island’s lakes. This is quite exciting for the island has over 60 species of fish, tilapia being the commonest. This can be enjoyed on one of your camping nights.

Hiking adventures

Hikers and lovers of adventure have got a lot to see. The park has volcanoes that can be climbed. These hikes are guided and even first climbers can have a wonderful experience. Climbing these volcanoes is one of the major goals for some visitors. At the top of these volcanoes, beautiful views are achieved.

Visit to lakes and Volcanoes

The island is endowed with 3 crater lakes, and 3 active volcanoes. A visit to these famous sites will be worth your time. These naturally created sites are the biggest attractors in the area. If you intend to spend time at the island, a visit to these unique possessions of the park will be an experience of a lifetime.

Nature walks

Guided safaris can be wonderful in this park. The size of 5sqkm can easily be explored and best enjoyed while on foot. Take a moment and follow the trails that lead to different parts of the park, walk on the shores of the crater lakes, flamingo lakes, and crocodile lakes.


The adventurous ground is one of the world’s places that can never disappoint a tourist for the breathtaking features it has. Below are the most visit places in this island.

Crocodile Lake

The island is commonly known to be a breeding place of Nile crocodiles. These can’t be watched unguided. The crocodile lake is the place where these reptiles concentrate. The climax of these creatures is in April and May when they are breeding. Crocodiles hide their eggs away from lizards, and when these babies are squeaking, is amazing to see their mother’s attention.

Crater Lakes

These lakes were formed years ago when the volcanoes where formed. These can’t found every day and when one gets an opportunity to see them, they should. There few of these in the world and on this island, there three to be seen. Take a moment to even take a picture of these physical features.

Flamingo Lake

One of the crater lakes has been a destination for pink flamingos. These cover the shores of the crater lakes with their beauty as they enjoy the sun. These birds have concentrated on this lake for long time that it came to be termed as the flamingo lake. There other species of birds that can be viewed.

Tilapia Lake

The island is also gifted with over 30 species of fish. These are for adventure and also for can be your lunch or dinner. Visit the lake and see the amazing creatures of the see. Tilapia fish has the biggest number in the lake. Enjoy first time fishing experience on this lake and also beautiful views of the blue water.

Other wildlife

The Crocodiles in the park have not been the only wildlife in the park to see. The reserved Island has the likes of hippos, Oryx, gazelles, zebras, topis, giraffes and many more, which can be viewed by visitors on their game drives, or safaris. However, these tours are supposed to be guided.


The park is a home for birds too. These camp along shores of crater lakes and in the sky. The site of one of the goliath and grey herons, African skimmer, Egyptian geese, ibis, little and great white egrets, black winged stilts, pelicans, spur winged plovers, swallow tailed kites, osprey, among others will amaze you. Visitors are advised to carry binoculars for better views.

Active Volcanoes

The island has three active volcanos. These are geographical features that were formed years ago and continue to exist. There few active volcanoes in Africa and on this island, lies three. A visit to these volcanoes and better yet a hike can be such a memorable moment for you. The fact that they are active makes them even more popular.


There no hotels or lodges in the island. Accommodation in the island are campsites. Tourists will need to come with camping equipment. Others places of accommodation are beyond the island, after Lake Trukana. The most places of accommodation are as follows.

Lobolo Tented Camp

Located at the western shores of Lake Trukana, offers a wonderful place for tourists to have an experience at land close to water.

Oasis Lodge

Located at the Southern tip of Lake Trukana, offers a total shield from the scorching sun of the island. It has palm trees and visitors can explore the area, rocks close by and the lodge has wonderful service.

Allia Bay Guest House

Is located at the shores of Lake Trukana, offers a comfortable relaxing ground to tourists. You will enjoys all activities on the lake and also have time for sports.

The island lies in one of the remote areas of Kenya, therefore giving tourists an access to beauty that has been unexplored. The physical features and attractions of the park have been remarkable and for one to have a wonderful safari in Kenya, Central Island should be on top of the list.