Cabinet approves new Uganda Tourism Policy

Uganda Cabinet approves new Tourism Policy

A national tourism policy that aims to enhance competitiveness of Uganda’s tourism sector through effective marketing, promotion, research and infrastructure development has been approved by cabinet.

Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi, the minister for information and national guidance, said that the existing policy formulated in 2003 had run its course, as he announced this new development at the Office of the Prime Minister.

“It was envisaged during the formulation of the 2003 policy that

[it] would guide the sector for 10 years. It is over 10 years since this policy was formulated and this lapse of time necessitates refocusing and positioning of the sector to meet changing global tourism dynamics,” he said.

The new policy has been formulated in line with Uganda’s Vision 2040, the second National Development Plan, all of which rank tourism as a primary growth driver of Uganda’s economy. Currently, Uganda’s tourism earning is estimated at US$ 1.4bn annually, and the figure is estimated to rise to US$ 12bn in 2040, according to Uganda’s Vision 2040.

Muhwezi said the new policy will focus the tourism sector to effectively contribute to national socio-economic transformation.

He added that the 2015 policy aims to “provide for effective regulation of the industry in order to guarantee quality and acceptable standards necessary for development of the tourism sector.”