Malawi welcomed Black rhinos from South Africa.

This week southern Africa had what is now considered the biggest international translocation of Black rhinos. 17 black rhinos were moved from South Africa to Malawi. The transfer was very successful.

The intention of the translocation process is to increase Malawi’s population of the endangered species and to also boost regional attempts to protect black rhinos. The translocation project was handled by African National Parks, WWF South Africa, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, and Malawi’s department of National Parks. The Seventeen endangered species were caught in KwaZulu Natal, confined in Ezemvelo’s park, prior to being transferred from King Shaka Airport- Durban to the Capital City of Malawi-Lilongwe. From the Capital City they were immediately taken to Liwonde National Park, and then released on Tuesday last week.

This isn’t the first time Liwonde National Park is having transformations, introductions and relocations. It has had such for lions, elephants and cheetahs. Two black rhinos will also be transferred from Liwonde to Majete Wildlife Reserve by African Parks and also one from Majete Wildlife Reserve to Liwonde to build up on the genetic variety.

The joint efforts of DNPW, African Parks and locals have registered reduced cases of poaching of endangered species in Liwonde and Majete from 2015 and 2003 respectively. Protection measures for the animals in question are still on going and include: daily patrols by rangers, aerial surveillance, for every animal has a GPS device, for easy monitoring. About the number of black rhinos, it has been noted that the wild is only left with 5500.

Translocation of wildlife are also carried out in Uganda for example recently, towards the end of October, Uganda Wildlife Authority introduced the five first giraffes to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. They are meant to be 5 males and 10 females. They were captured from Murchison Falls National Park. The reserve is the largest in the country covering 2043sqkm, situated in northeastern Uganda.