UWA, NGO sign pact to boost tourism in Uganda

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) together with the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Conservation Trust have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to boost tourism in Uganda.

The Chimpanzee Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) is a non-governmental organization established in 1998 to promote the conservation of chimpanzees and their habitats in Uganda.

Andrew Sseguya UWA executive director said that the MoU will help to rescue and care for the orphaned chimpanzee as well as the welfare and conservation of the endangered species in the natural environment. The new innovation is to ensure that even those who have forests with wild animals are encouraged not to cut down.

“With this partnership we would like to increase the marketing of tourism in Uganda by training the communities. We shall also have joint training of the staffs and sharing management skills,” he said.

During the signing ceremony at Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe, Sseguya said that the move is anticipated to create awareness among the community so that the tourism industry is considered effective and efficient.

Lilly Ajarova, the executive director of Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust, welcomed the new partnership saying it will promote the protection of chimpanzee and the environment. “We are going to engage the communities to leave the areas where we have earmarked for tourism”.

She also stressed the need of having more land to keep the animals for tourist attraction especially around the Albertine region and appealed to the communities to leave the area.