Uganda’s wild is increasing in number- two gorillas were born within 1 month

The future of Uganda’s tourism in terms of wildlife especially primates is promising. In the middle of November, the country awoke to news from Bwindi National park of the addition of two new born gorillas. It was very pleasant, and so amazing for the country and the tourism industry in particular.

It wasn’t quiet long that another baby of the same species had been born just weeks back. The increase in number of these creatures is glory to gorilla trekking activity and habituation. The activity has its roots in 1993 when other activities like water activities, game drives in several parks among others and since then it has been growing. In fact the creatures have attracted more people better than the rest of the activities that existed prior.

No wonder gorillas are the most treasured tourism possession, and of high value among all the tourism products. It has been noted that the activity of trekking gorillas injects in 70% of all tourism revenue avenues.

Currently, permits for gorilla trekking are finished by bookings and most of them a year before. A number of travelers want to get a glimpse the creatures in question. It should be mentioned that years back, gorillas were almost disappearing on this planet. Now that we are receiving new born baby gorillas, it’s a success. We would like to recommend wardens that see to it that the creatures are in perfect health.

In case you have never visited gorillas, grab this opportunity and visit them. We also remind you that there will be an increase in price of permits from the middle of next year.